TFS Reports–Unleash them with PowerPivot

A long time ago I wrote a blog series about writing Custom Reports for Team Foundation Server. As you may or may not know, Team Foundation Server comes with a powerful reporting solution. A relational TFS Warehouse and a Data Cube which contains the aggregated and historical data. In my previous posts I talked about […]

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A starters guide to Git for TFS GitWits…

When I started my development career way back in 1999, the first Source Control System I ever used was Visual SourceSafe. After a few years I switched to SVN for a while and I liked that. The, in 2005 came Team Foundation Server and I embraced it, including the Source Control of course. And since […]

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TFS as perfect tool for Scrum (Part 1) – Introduction in Scrum and TFS

This year I was invited again to present at Microsoft TechDays. This event is held every year in the World Forum in The Hague. This year I spoke about why TFS is the perfect tool for Scrum. My session was about how to use TFS as tool for Scrum. I talked about the different stages […]

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Error in TFS 2013 build – Could not load file or assembly ‘Microsoft.VisualStudio.Services.WebApi

Recently I installed TFS 2013.2 and modified some Build Templates. I also installed a separate Build Server that executes these builds for me. My build template was based on the default TFS 2013 Build template (Tfvctemplate.12.xaml) When my build executed, it ran for a while, but eventually it stopped with a nasty error message An […]

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Download Visual Studio Web Installers as a complete package

When you download Visual Studio, Team Foundation Server, Team Explorer etc. from the public Microsoft site you always get a small Web installer. Surely enough this does not contain al files, so when you click it, it starts downloading the remaining Gigabytes. This is nasty sometimes when you are at a server with slow connection […]

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Add permissions with TFSSecurity–The ultimate reference

Sooner or later, every TFS Administrator will face the challenge to set TFS Permissions with a script instead of the UI. When you start searching for this you will find TFSSecurity. TFSSecurity is a command line tool and allows you to do all kinds of permissions activities. Adding groups, adding users to groups and setting […]

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Printing work items with Team Foundation Server

With the introduction of TFS 2012 Web Access we lost the possibility to print work items from the web. The experience wasn’t great in the first place but now it disappeared. Also in Visual Studio we do not have great printing possibilities. For some teams this is a big issue. They like TFS but also […]

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FI_Afrika Road

The Road to Continuous Delivery–Part 1

Introduction Continuous Delivery. You hear and read a lot about it lately and it seems to be or become a trend. What I see in the field is that companies think about Continuous Delivery but are not completely sure what it actually means. Let alone that they can oversee the impact of a Continuous Delivery […]

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Federated Identity in Visual Studio Online

Originally posted on Mitch Denny:
Earlier this week Sean McBreen from the Visual Studio Online team posted an announcement detailing the work that he and his team have been doing to streamline the process of creating a new Visual Studio Online accounts where users can authenticate using their corporate username and password. This scenario is…

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Integrate Uservoice with Visual Studio Online using ServiceHooks

At TechEd USA a very cool feature VSO integration was announced in the first keynote. It was short, but nevertheless very cool and promising. In this post I willI talk about the integration of Uservoice with Visual Studio Online. Uservoice Uservoice is a service that enables companies to manage their client feedback. Customers can add […]

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TFS Build throws CRC in GZip footer error

This week I encountered a really nasty problem with the Team Foundation Server Build Agents. Before I walk you through the details let me first explain the situation. Scenario At a customer we are building a new build “farm” (a little farm ;-) ). Currently we have 2 build servers with each 2 agents on […]

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Summary of TechDays 2014 Netherlands

This year I was invited again to speak on the Dutch TechDays. This Microsoft event is held once every year and is the largest MS event in the Netherlands. I had the honor to provide 2 break-out sessions, 2 lunch sessions and a full day Pre-Conference. In this post I will show you the abstracts, […]

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Visual Studio ALM MVP … 3rd time !

April fool’s day has been a good day for me the last 3 years. Today I received the email…. The “Congratulations 2014 Microsoft MVP!”. And again I was ver very happy. This is the third time I received the award. The first year was strange. Did not know what to expect. The second year is […]

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