TFS Reports–Unleash them with PowerPivot

A long time ago I wrote a blog series about writing Custom Reports for Team Foundation Server. As you may or may not know, Team Foundation Server comes with a powerful reporting solution. A relational TFS Warehouse and a Data Cube which contains the aggregated and historical data. In my previous posts I talked about […]

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A starters guide to Git for TFS GitWits…

When I started my development career way back in 1999, the first Source Control System I ever used was Visual SourceSafe. After a few years I switched to SVN for a while and I liked that. The, in 2005 came Team Foundation Server and I embraced it, including the Source Control of course. And since […]

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TFS as perfect tool for Scrum (Part 1) – Introduction in Scrum and TFS

This year I was invited again to present at Microsoft TechDays. This event is held every year in the World Forum in The Hague. This year I spoke about why TFS is the perfect tool for Scrum. My session was about how to use TFS as tool for Scrum. I talked about the different stages […]

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Using Personal Access Tokens to access Visual Studio Online

People who use Visual Studio Online for a while are probably familiar with the alternate credentials. These are used when accessing the REST API or when using an external client for accessing your Git repositories. You configure your alternate credentials on your [My Profile] page and fill a username and password of your choice. Once […]

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Integrating TeamCity with Team Foundation Server – Part 2

In my previous post I introduced TeamCity as  an alternative build server to use in conjunction with Team Foundation Server. This post mainly focused on getting started with TeamCity and building sources coming from Team Foundation Server. At the end of this previous post I talked about the dependency of TFS artifacts with the TFS […]

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Integrating TeamCity with Team Foundation Server – Part 1

In this cross-platform world, where everything integrates with … well everything, it is not unusual to come across companies that use more than one system for their Application Lifecycle Management. Team Foundation Sever offers a great solution if it comes to ALM. Work Item Management, Build Management, Release Management etc. But there is more available […]

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Debugging a DSC script for Release Management

Originally posted on Real ALM:
When preparing a DSC script for deploying an application using Release Management it is often handy to test and debug that script locally. Nobody writes code that works the first time, right? However, you’ll quickly run into the fact that Release Management does some things slightly different than “vanilla” DSC…

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Slides from my sessions on TechDays 2015

Last week were the Dutch Microsoft TechDays 2015. For the 5th year in row I had the great honor to host 2 sessions. One about Continuous Delivery with the Microsoft Tooling and one about Git versus Team Foundation Version Control. Team Foundation Version Control versus Git: An Introduction In this session I talked about the […]

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Build, Test, Deploy, Repeat – Slides from my Techorama session

Techorama is a new international developer conference that was born in 2014. It is a conference that is organized by 3 community-driven techies, Pieter Gheysens, Gill Cleeren and Kevin DeRudder and brings inspiring keynotes, deep-dive developer sessions, integration scenarios and best practices. All this goodness is professionally delivered by international speakers and local community rock […]

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Modern tools glossary

Maybe I am getting old, maybe I am too busy with other stuff but the number of frameworks, tools and utilities has seemed to grow exponentially over the last years. As a Microsoft developer from “the early” I usually only had to worry about a new version of Visual Studio, Team Foundation Server or a […]

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Schermafbeelding 2015-04-09 om 11.33.35

A team is a group of people … A group of people is NOT a team

In my work as a consultant I visit many companies. Sometimes for a day and sometimes for a longer period. What I see more than once is that organizations are still organized as departments. For example an application support department or an IT-Pro department. Surely this is not a problem. But what I do see […]

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The road to …. Xpirit

This post is not about ALM or TFS or Agile or Scrum. This post is about me and about an important and difficult decision that I have made. Starting in April I will join the recenlty founded company Xpirit as Lead ALM Consultant. Together with a small team (a.o. 5 MVP’s) of great guys we […]

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Build fails when associating work items

Recently I ran into a strange problem. I modified a work item type definition and added a field. So far, so good. The field could be edited and everyone was happy. But after that, my build failed. As you may or may not know you can choose to associate work items during a check-in (read […]

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