VSTS Rest API – Hard to find methods

This post does not have a lot of text, only an introduction. I use the VSTS Rest API quite a lot and the documentation is great, but not everything is documented or hard to find. In this post, I list some snippets that you can use to get even more out of the VSTS Rest API.

To run the snippets you can use the great VS Code extension REST Client that can run the .http files and uses placeholder that you can fill with your own values

  • BuildReleaseTasks.http
    • Get All Build and Release Tasks in the account
  • ServiceEndPoints.http
    • Get all Service EndPoints
    • Get all Service EndPoints of specific type
    • Get 1 Service EndPoint
    • Get Security of Service EndPoint
    • Set User/Group in Security of Service EndPoint
    • Create Service EndPoint
    • Update Service EndPoint
  • VSTSGroupsUsers.http
    • Get Users / Groups in project
  • VSTSProjects.http
    • Get all VSTS Team projects in Account
    • Get details of 1 VSTS Team Project

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