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Setting up Sonatype Nexus 3 as your Windows Docker Container Registry

Currently I am working at Rabobank. Rabobank uses Sonatype Nexus as their artifact repository for all kinds of packages and also for Docker Containers. Since there are a few Microsoft .Net teams are moving towards Docker, the need for Docker containers arose as well. So we created a Windows Base container and tried to push […]

COPY failed when adding files to Docker container

This is a blogpost for myself. Because I don’t want to make the same stupid mistake again. And hopefully It might help you as well … I was preparing a demo to build a simple Docker Container. I used Visual Studio 2017 15.3 to create a new .NET Core Project, to which I added Docker […]

Running a Linux SQL Server in a Docker Container

I just reinstalled my PC and needed a database for some simple work. I did not like the idea of installing a full SQL Server on my PC. Too heavy and takes too long. The I remembered that Microsoft recently announced that they can run SQL Server on Linux and they even have a Docker […]

Set up a Windows Docker host in Azure and connect from your local computer

A while ago I blogged about how to set up a Docker host without Visual Studio. Now, half a year later things have changed and so have some steps. Yesterday I spun up a new Windows 2016 machine (CTP5) from the Azure gallery and (of course) it did not work as expected. Containers were already […]

How Docker will change Microsoft Development

Two months ago we (Xpirit) published a new edition of our Xpirit Magazine. In this magazine I wrote an article on how Docker will change Microsoft Development. In this blog post you will find the introduction. If you want to read the whole article, you can download the PDF of the article here . If you […]

Running a VS Team Services (VSO) Build Agent in a Windows Docker Container

A while ago I wrote a post on how to run a Visual Studio Online (now called Visual Studio Team Services) Build Agent in a Docker Container on Linux. I got some good feedback on this post and now it is time to do the same trick again but only on Windows. Yes ! You […]

Create a Windows Docker Host and connect to it without Visual Studio

I have been exploring Docker on Windows for a while because I think it is very promising that containers can run on the Windows platform as well. I’ve also written  a few posts already about Docker but this one is all about creating a Windows Docker Host on Azure and connect to it. Why does […]

Presentation on Dutch Docker Day

Last Friday I did a talk on Dutch Docker Day. Together with my colleague Alex Thissen We talked about “Dockerizing your ASP.NET Application on Windows and Linux”. We showed how you can use ASP.NET 5 to run cross platform in a Linux Docker Container, on a Mac and in an Windows Docker Container. The presentation […]

Running a Visual Studio Build vNext agent in a Docker container

Update: 27-10-2016 Take a look at the official Microsoft Docker Images on DockerHub that also contain a Build agent With the introduction of the new build engine in Visual Studio Online and Team Foundation Server 2015, Microsoft also introduced real cross-platform build capabilities, The VSO-BuildAgent and tasks are both published as Open source on Github […]

Get started with Docker on Azure for Microsoft developers and/or Linux noobs

I said it earlier in a previous post. The world is changing. And especially the world of Microsoft Developers. In my post about modern tools I presented a list with tools that a developers must have in his toolbox. This list did not contain a lot of Microsoft tools. In the ALM space, and here […]