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Top 10 of things every TFS Administrator should do

I spent a fair amount of time on different social media channels like Twitter (@renevo)and LinkedIn and I noticed an interesting thing. Every time someone posts a Top 10 of things or tips it receives a lot of positive comments. It is a fact. People like lists and I tend to think that technical people […]

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TFS Source Control 2012–Workspaces Part 2

As promised in my previous post, in this post I will tell a little bit more about workspaces. When creating a new workspace (and I explained why you need to do that in my previous post) or editing an existing one, the dialog pops up. In 2012 it shows a small one. Press the “Advanced” […]

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TFS Source Control 2012–Workspaces Part 1

Source Control is one of the oldest parts of Team Foundation Server and probably the most used one as well. Every version of Source Control introduced some new functionality. A short historical overview of the key adjustments TFS 2005 brought the first version. SQL Server based version control as a successor of SourceSafe TFS 2008 […]

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