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Custom Build Activities Type is greyed out in Build Definition editor

Lately I am quite busy with building Custom Build activities for TFS 2012. I also did this in TFS 2010 but it seems that I avoided some issues there. In my previous blog posts I described some migration issues with TFS build. This is about an issue I had with Custom Build Activities. Error when […]

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‘Microsoft.TeamFoundation.Build.Client.IProjectFile’ is obsolete

For my customer I was implementing some advanced BuildNumbering mechanism (Here can you find a good post about this). Because it was important that the stuff worked, I wrote some Unit Tests. I usually do that and need IBuildDetail. Jim Lamb has a great post about how to stub The IBuild…interfaces when you create your […]

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Upgrading your Custom Build Template to TFS 2012

In the past years I have been quite busy with customizing the build for both my own and also custom organizations. Today I was experimenting with the build definitions on my TFS 2012 Release Candidate installation. I attached a TFS 2010 Team Project Collection to my TFS 2012 Server as my first step and this […]

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