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Inherited Deny due to Access Levels

Yesterday I was building some logic against the TFS API and used impersonation to do that. One of the things that is needed in order to allow a call to TFS to be impersonated is to give a user the “Make Requests on behalf of others” permission. This server level permission is not default and […]

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Using Personal Access Tokens to access Visual Studio Online

People who use Visual Studio Online for a while are probably familiar with the alternate credentials. These are used when accessing the REST API or when using an external client for accessing your Git repositories. You configure your alternate credentials on your [My Profile] page and fill a username and password of your choice. Once […]

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Add permissions with TFSSecurity–The ultimate reference

UPDATE 7/15/2015: Hayder Casey from Microsoft provided me with the details on using the Tagging namespace. You can use this one to set the [Create Tag Definition] security setting. UPDATE 4/25/2016: Microsoft has now updated MSDN to have  decent documentation on MSDN found here Sooner or later, every TFS Administrator will face the challenge to […]

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