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Release Management with InRelease

Originally posted on Jasper Gilhuis:
In this post I will highlight the latest addition to the Visual Studio product suite, InRelease. This Release Management tool, which was recently acquired by Microsoft, is meant for bridging the gap between Development and Operations by providing a clear, repeatable, automated deployment procedure. This post has been written with…

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A starters guide to Git for TFS GitWits…

When I started my development career way back in 1999, the first Source Control System I ever used was Visual SourceSafe. After a few years I switched to SVN for a while and I liked that. The, in 2005 came Team Foundation Server and I embraced it, including the Source Control of course. And since […]

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Moving source from one TFS to another

A while ago somebody asked me for an easy way to move source from one TFS to another. He struggled with that, because TFS kept asking for the old server. Even when he removed all the *.vssscc files and unbinded the solution with [Change Source Control] the old server popped up again and again. I […]

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Audit Trail on TFS Source Control.

Today I got the question if I could see when a person did a Get Latest Version on TFS Source Control. Check-ins are easily found in the Source Control History but Get Latest Versions are not in the history. After some searching I found the tbl_Command in the TFS Collection Database.This contains all actions that […]

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Reparent of a TFS Source Controlled Branch. Why and How !

When I first looked at the Source Control Explorer in TFS 2012, the thing I noticed first was the introduction of the “Reparent” Menu option in the context menu. I know that this is not new, It was there in Visual Studio 2010 as well only it was hidden away deep down in the file […]

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TFS Source Control 2012–Workspaces Part 2

As promised in my previous post, in this post I will tell a little bit more about workspaces. When creating a new workspace (and I explained why you need to do that in my previous post) or editing an existing one, the dialog pops up. In 2012 it shows a small one. Press the “Advanced” […]

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TFS Source Control 2012–Workspaces Part 1

Source Control is one of the oldest parts of Team Foundation Server and probably the most used one as well. Every version of Source Control introduced some new functionality. A short historical overview of the key adjustments TFS 2005 brought the first version. SQL Server based version control as a successor of SourceSafe TFS 2008 […]

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