Archive | August, 2012

TFS Source Control 2012–Workspaces Part 1

Source Control is one of the oldest parts of Team Foundation Server and probably the most used one as well. Every version of Source Control introduced some new functionality. A short historical overview of the key adjustments TFS 2005 brought the first version. SQL Server based version control as a successor of SourceSafe TFS 2008 […]

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Using WorkItemTrackingCacheRoot in your web.config files

I frequently build custom tooling against the TFS API. Sometimes Windows Applications but most of the time I build Web Applications. When building Web Applications it is no secret that your application runs under the credentials of the application pool. When accessing work items via TFS API from your web application you can get the […]

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Lessons learned in upgrading my TFS 2010 Build templates to TFS 2012

Awaiting the Visual Studio 2012 Launch I am preparing our builds to work on TFS 2012. In my previous post I described that I updated the references and imported some namespaces and then everything worked! Because there were some issues with our current builds, I decided to restructure our build since I am already working […]

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