Archive | February, 2015

Trigger a vNext release template from a build definition throws Http Error 500

Last week I was busy with some work on a vNext Release template. When my release worked I wanted to trigger that release from my build definition. Where as in the agent-based Release Management it was a matter of checking a checkbox and using a different Build Template that triggers this release, in the vNext […]

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Making a Work Item Read Only when it has a certain state

I am busy at a customer with implementing some security rules on work items. As you might or moght not know the work item security is quite limited. My scenario is as follows: Only users in group XYZ kan make a state transition from [Draft] to [Approved] When the item is in the state [Approved] […]

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Start with Visual Studio Release Management vNext–VS RM for Dummies

Team Foundation Server 2013 Update 3 came with Visual Studio Release Management vNext. vNext is, next to the deployments with agents, another way of doing deployments with VSRM. The most important thing in vNext is that you can do deployments to machines, without having to install an agent. This is because VSRM vNext uses Powershell […]

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