Unit Test Deployment files not found in VS2010

When writing Unit tests, it is sometimes useful to use specific files for a specific Unit test. With help of the TestContext object in a Unit test class you can easily deploy files along with your Unit Tests.

Everytime a Unit test is executed, the file(s) is published to an output Directory. This file can then be used for your Unit test.

 1: [TestMethod]
 2: [DeploymentItem("SQLScripts\\Fill_DB_WithTestData.sql", "Fill")]
 3: public void Select_Data_Returns_DataOrderedByDateDescending()
 4: {
 5:     string fillFile = Path.Combine(TestContext.TestDeploymentDir, "Fill\Fill_DB_WithTestData.sql");
 6:     ExecuteFillScript(fillFile);
 7:     .........
 9: }

The files that you want to deploy must be set to “Copy Always” in the properties window.


Then it should work.

But!!!! In VS 2010 a setting is disabled where it was enabled in VS 2008. Deployment of files is now default switched off!

In order to switch it on go to Menu | Test | Edit Test Settings and select the active one (Test | Select Active Test Settings)

Click Deployment and Check the box!


Happy Testing !

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