Twitter Summary of the Future of Visual Studio ALM @ TechEd US

Yesterday I was looking the video of TechEd US. The Future of Microsoft Visual Studio Application Lifecycle Management. This session of Cameron Skinner gives a really nice overview of the new features that are coming up in Visual Studio vNext.

During the session I twittered some things that eventually give a nice summary of what I saw. I certainly recommend you watch the video, but if you are short in time, this is a good alternative.

While you are at it. Don’t forget to take a look at the white paper from Jason Zanders Blog.

Twitter Feed

Started Watching the future of #vsalm video from teched us #tfs

Teched on my flatscreen at home #VSALM that’s nice!

Woot! intellitrace also on production servers in #vsalm vnext

Storyboarding in powerpoint ! #VSALM #vNext. Nice templates, custom shapes. Very nice for none technical users

The new #tfs webaccess client. All metro styled. #VSALM #vNext

Drag drop in your product backlog and easily adding items. Drag drop to sprints & integrated real time velocity and burndown. #VSALM #vNext

They really like urban turtle! they only made a better version of it! #VSALM #vNext assigning capacity and states is now getting simple!

For the people who are curious what i am looking at. good stuff!

That HUB looks sweet! Besides that, shelving all your workspaces , windows, breakpoints etc. Looks even sweeter! #VSALM #vNext

Analyzing code clones! where did you copy paste so that you can better reuse! semantical similar blocks code! brilliant! #VSALM #vNext

Built in NUnit and XUnit support and extensible to other framewoks. Automatic discovery of all those tests #VSALM #vNext

A feature that should have been available in #tfs 2005. Searching work items. #VSALM #vNext happy with that!

Built in code review workflow! Cool. Submit code review, shelve changes, open file, compare, give comments. Impressive! #VSALM #vNext

The provisional tab. While debugging all code files are opened there instead of in the common dock. Promote from here to normal area. #VSALM

I hope this all will make it to the beta and release #VSALM #vNext

Stakeholder feedback. Record clicks, video, audio from stakeholders while they are clicking through. Nice ! #VSALM #vNext

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