Archive | September, 2011

Hidden Gems in TFS – Part 1 Annotate

In this series of blog posts I like to highlight some features of TFS/Visual Studio that people seem to overlook. In my day to day job I often see that people don’t know about certain feature that are available in Team Foundation Server, Visual Studio or some of the Powertools. Some features are available as […]

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My favorite TFS tools and links

I use TFS for a number of years now and I have a few tools and links that I always take with me. Let me share them with you Team Foundation SideKicks by Attrice This tools has some great features for doing administration tasks in TFS. Looking at checked out files, workspaces or doing […]

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Solving TF30042: The database is full. Contact your Team Foundation Server administrator.

I got this message a few weeks ago and it scared me. Why? Let me tell you. The company where I do a lot of consultancy called me in the middle of the day that users started receiving this message. People could not check-in, create work items or add/edit any TFS information. The support engineer […]

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