My favorite TFS tools and links

I use TFS for a number of years now and I have a few tools and links that I always take with me.

Let me share them with you

Team Foundation SideKicks by Attrice

This tools has some great features for doing administration tasks in TFS. Looking at checked out files, workspaces or doing code reviews. Great Tool !

Import/Export Areas and Iterations tool by Neno Loje

This tool allows you to import and export all areas and iterations in a Team Project. When doing migrations this tool is priceless! Thanks Neno!

Import/Export Work Item Queries

This tool allows you to export all Work Item Queries and folders and reimport them in another Team Project. Again when doing migrations or movements this tool is a must!

Report Explorer

If you use a lot of reports it is sometimes useful to download multiple reports at once. This tool allows you to do this. Last time I looked it could not handle subfolders but this can easily be fixed in the code that you can download from codeplex as well.

TFS Administration Tool

This tool allows you to easily set permissions on TFS, SharePoint and Report Server all at once. This is very useful for administrators

TFS API Series by Shai Raiten

This great blog of Shai Raiten has code examples and downloadable samples for a lot of different TFS API subjects. Work Items, Test Cases, Builds all can be programmatically accessed and Shai describes it.

TFS Build Customization by Ewald Hofman

Ewald describes the most relevant aspects of customizing TFS Builds. This is a must read for anybody who wants to customize the TFS 2010 build processes!

Of course there are some great tools in Visual Studio as well. The most important one

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