Delta-N launches TFS Attacher for Windows Phone 7

Last week Delta-N, the company I work for, launched the TFS Attacher for Windows Phone 7 on the marketplace.

This is great news. We built this application with the following scenario in mind,

During Sprint planning meetings or just 1 on 1 meetings we work our way through Product Backlog Items, Requirements or Tasks. What happens very often is that we use the whiteboard to draw some diagrams to clarify our requirements or design.

We often take a picture of our drawings and then store this in SharePoint or attach it to a work item in TFS. This is quite some work.

The TFS Attacher for WP 7 allows you to do this directly from your phone. You find the appropriate work item, take a picture and it is automatically saved as an attachment for this work Item.

You can find the TFS Attacher in the WP 7 Marketplace. More information can be found on the Delta-N website.


The TFS attacher uses the TFS OData service. More information about this service can be found here.

Have fun with it !

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