Walkthrough the Delta-N TFS Attacher App for Windows Phone 7

As I described in my previous posts, my company has been working on a WP7 app that allows you to upload attachments directly to your TFS server using the TFS Odata Service.

Read about this here:

In this post I like to walk you through how to configure and use the app.

Download and Configure

When you download the app from the marketplace (Download App from marketplace) and start up the first screen shows your favorites. There are no favorites because you first have to configure the app.

Press the (…) button on the bottom of the screen to show the settings screen.


Fill in your TFS credentials, the ProjectCollection you are working on and the url of the TFS OData Service that you are using. (read here how to make this available). Save the settings when you are done. If the url cannot be found or accessed, the settings will not be saved.


Finding Work Items and Attaching Pictures

Once you are successfully connected to a TFS server, your app shows a list of projects that are available on your server.


When you select a project, all queries within this project will show up. Treeview queries or Direct Link queries are ignored. Select a query to obtain the results. TFS Attacher_2-9-2012_11.1.7.847 image

Select a Work Item to see the details. Swipe to see the attachments. Select the camera button or storage button to add an attachment.


When you took a picture or selected one from storage. You can modify the name and comment of the picture. Press the send button to upload the picture to TFS.

The TFS OData service cannot accept attachments larger than 64 KB. The TFS Attacher will therefore resize and compress the picture so  that it is smaller than 64 KB.

The upload is asynchronous. It first gives a message that the picture is send. After that you will receive a message that the upload succeeded.

imageTFS Attacher_2-9-2012_11.35.40.57TFS Attacher_2-9-2012_11.35.47.518

Organizing and Quick Access

To make it easier to access your favorite queries or work items we built in 2 features. Favorites and Work Item Search.

Work Item Search

On the main screen swipe until you find the “Search for Work Items” Screen. You can type a work item id and the work item is found. Press the work item to access it.



On queries and work item details the “Star Symbol” appears. If you click this symbol, the query or work item is added on your favorites screen. You can now directly access it. You can add queries and work items from different projects.


The first screen will show your favorites !


Have fun with the TFS Attacher !

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