Teams without Areas–Fixing the reports

As I described in my post about TFS backlog grooming there are several ways to deal with Team in Team Foundation Server 2012. The approach Microsoft uses Out of the Box, is putting a team into the Area Path.

The approach I describe in my post puts the team as part of the Iteration Path.

The third approach is very well described by Martin Hinshelwood in his popular post “Teams without Areas” and can be used perfectly as well.

Every situation is different and in my case I needed the solution that Martin describes. After implementing the solution everything was perfect, except for one thing…..The SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) reports.

The reports I use a lot on my dashboards are the Sprint Burndown and Velocity reports. Unfortunately these reports don’t have any notion about the newly introduced Teams field to support Teams without Areas.

I dove into the MDX and managed to fix the Sprint Burndown and Velocity reports to include a “Teams parameter”


At the end of this post you find the RDL files attached. In order for them to work you need to do the following

  • Find the reference name of the field that you use for Teams. For example RoadToALM.Team.
  • Replace the “.” with a underscore to get the reporting name. RoadToALM_Team
  • Open the RDL file in your favorite text editor (Visual Studio!!)
  • Search and Replace Company_Team with your own field name (RoadToALM_Team)
  • Save the RDL file
  • Go to your reporting server (http://[tfsserver]/reports and navigate to your Team Project
  • Upload your RDL file by clicking Uploadimage
  • Upload file and view your report

in order for you to see some data, make sure you have some work items that are assigned to a Team. Remember that the data is from the OLAP cube and that it can take a while before it refreshes. If you want to force a refresh on the warehouse, follow the guidelines on MSDN

Hope this helps!

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