Hidden Gems in TFS 2012–Part 9 Image compare in TFS Version Control

In this series of blog posts I like to highlight some features of TFS/Visual Studio that people seem to overlook. In my day to day job I often see that people don’t know about certain feature that are available in Team Foundation Server, Visual Studio or some of the Powertools.

Some features are available as a Powertool. These can be downloaded from here

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Image compare in TFS Version Control

It is no secret that the TFS 2012 Web Access Client is becoming more powerful with every update. In TFS 2012.2 (formerly known as update 2) there is a feature added to the Source Control Hub that is not even available in Visual Studio. This feature is the Image compare.

When you check in pictures in to Source Control, it is sometime good to know what changed in between version. Since pictures are binary files this is always hard, forcing you to get an earlier version to be able to see the picture.

In TFS 2012.2 and on TFS Service you can now make use of the image compare. To use it, navigate to the [Code] Hub in Web Access


Then, find a picture and click on it.Then click on the [Compare] Tab and you see the differences


Hope this helps !

2 Responses to “Hidden Gems in TFS 2012–Part 9 Image compare in TFS Version Control”

  1. Nice Blog, Definitely some good information.

  2. Image diff was enhanced recently. You can now see a pixel subtraction difference (for same-sized images) or flip between the two images. It also shows a checkerboard on transparent parts of the image, as well as image dimensions for the original and modified files.

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