The road to …. Xpirit

This post is not about ALM or TFS or Agile or Scrum. This post is about me and about an important and difficult decision that I have made.

Xpirit_logo_WhiteBackground_LogoIncludingPayoffStarting in April I will join the recenlty founded company Xpirit as Lead ALM Consultant. Together with a small team (a.o. 5 MVP’s) of great guys we try to be the “authority” on ALM, Cloud, Enterprise Mobility and Security. I will continue to do my work as a ALM Consultant and help companies to improve their software processes.

Looking back…

I started my career in 1998. I studied Economics-IT and I had an intern job during this study. It was there where I learned that business processes combined with IT interested me a lot. I started my own business together with a friend to create websites for other companies.

Because we were so inexperienced and ambitious this was not a long lasting decision. In 1999 we both started at a company Delta-N as classic ASP programmers. With zero experience in both programming and business I worked my way up. First as a junior asp programmer, some Cold Fusion, side steps to PL/SQL and Oracle and in 2002.NET.

Delta-N had grown a bit and I was able to join a big .NET assignment. It was in those years where ALM practices became popular as well. Products from the Java world were ported to .NET and I adapted them all. CruiseControl.Net, NUnit, SVN, FxCop. With all this experience we facilitated workshops where we learned other people to use these tools. And then, in 2005/2006 Team Foundation Server (or Visual Studio Team System) was introduced.

Microsoft Netherlands was looking for people to evangelize the product and I became one of the guys to talk about Team System to the “audience”. I did this for many years. At Delta-N I moved a bit towards consulting. Instead of programming I visited customers to help them use TFS and Visual Studio Tools.

It was with the introduction of TFS 2010 when it took off. Many customers wanted to migrate towards TFS 2010 and because I was the only one who was working on TFS we needed to expand. We employed some extra people and created a separate Business Unit for ALM. As a manager I worked together with my team for many years to provide the best ALM consulting in the Netherlands.

And then…15 years after I joined Delta-N…there was this feeling that I needed to move on. That is was time for something new, something fresh, something unknown and challenging. And quickly after I made this decision I think I found that at Xpirit


So it has been a long road, full of good memories and great people, but now it is time to move on to see what is behind the horizon. In any case it will be about ALM because, although it was not called ALM during my study, the place where process, people and tools are combined into an optimized solution, is where I want to be now and in the future!

Thanks for reading !

7 Responses to “The road to …. Xpirit”

  1. Gefeliciteerd René. Veel succes met je nieuwe avontuur! We komen elkaar vast wel weer tegen.

  2. Good read and I really enjoyed working with you in the past 6 years. I wish you all the best in your new Job!

  3. Gefeliciteerd met je nieuwe uitdaging! Hopelijk kruizen onze paden nog eens.

  4. Congrats on the move. Keep posting your helpful tips!

  5. Gefeliciteerd Rene. Succes met de nieuwe stap in je carriere.

  6. Stacy Cashmore April 2, 2015 at 9:10 am

    Congratulations Rene! Success met de nieuwe uitdaging!

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