Uploading a custom build.vNext task

Very useful post from Kees Verhaar about creating custom build tasks for Visual Studio Online and TFS 2015 build vNext.

Real ALM

With the introduction of the new build.vNext build system in Visual Studio Online and TFS 2015 (currently in RC) creating a build definition has become a lot easier. There are already quite a lot of tasks available, that allow you to build, test and deploy your software from the build engine. However, there’s always something more: what if you want to implement your own custom task? Fortunately, this is possible! You can write your own task as a Node.js application and make that available in VSO or your on premise TFS 2015 server.

You can look at the vso-agent-tasks repository on GitHub for the source code of the tasks that are made available by Microsoft. Based on that, you can also create your own task!

This post will show you how you can build and upload a custom task to VSO or TFS. For this post we’ll use the “SonarQubePostTest”…

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  1. Thanks for the reblog! I hope you find it useful! Enjoy!

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