Archive | February, 2016

Building a checkbox in your VSTS custom build task

Update 5/25/2016 Since May 6th 2016, this is default functionality in VSTS. Look for the Checkbox Control section in this post! Today I was building a custom build task for the new build system in VSTS. I read the documentation and started to work on the task.json. Besides some strings I wanted to have as […]

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Running a VS Team Services (VSO) Build Agent in a Windows Docker Container

A while ago I wrote a post on how to run a Visual Studio Online (now called Visual Studio Team Services) Build Agent in a Docker Container on Linux. I got some good feedback on this post and now it is time to do the same trick again but only on Windows. Yes ! You […]

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Upload process template to TFS 2015 gives a version error

Today I was doing some process template customization on a TFS 2015 server. The process template that was in use was one that was created for TFS 2013.4 and worked fine. We did the upgrade and everything was fine as well. But as good practice describes, we also have a version of this Process Template […]

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Release Management hangs and there is no log in place…

This week I encountered a very strange error with release management 2015.1 (so the old, grey, WPF version) We upgraded our TFS server to 2015.1 and everything was fine. We started a release and everything was fine. But the second time we started a release it only went through the first stage of our release […]

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Partially succeeded builds do not show in the build widget

Today I received an email about some strange behavior on the TFS 2015.1 dashboard. The partially succeeded build bars did not show in the widget. A colleague (Thanks Edwin v/d Thiel !) figured out what was wrong. The stylesheet class that was referenced had a casing error. When looking in the code you see that the style […]

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