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Installing a VSTS Build agent on Mac OSX

Today I needed to install the VSTS Build Agent on a Mac Mini in the office so we can build the IPhone App. The great part of the new build infrastructure in VSTS is that it is Cross Platform and we CAN do that. Just download the agent and run the command provided in the interface. […]

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Run Functional (Coded) UI Tests in your VSTS Release Pipeline

Today I was trying to run some CodedUI test from my VSTS Release pipeline. The process is quite straightforward but there were some tiny catches I’d like to share with you Let me first show the pipeline I have created

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Order your VSTS Product Backlog based on the order within your Feature Backlog

I know, the title is crap but I just don’t know how to call it properly. Let me just give me the real life example. I have this pretty straightforward Product Backlog But I also have this feature hierarchy. Within the features I prioritize my Backlog items. The features also are ranked from most important to less […]

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Controlling build quality using Build Tags and VSTS Release Management

On many occasions a release is a composition of many different artifacts, like product MSI’s, Shared Assemblies, Documentation etc.. I like to compare it with a big box that you use when moving. You fill it up with all sort of little boxes and other stuff and you label it. The big box is the […]

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Call VSTS REST API from Release Management

Update 22/6/2016 That’s how fast things go. Since this blogpost there has been a new update on VSTS that allows you to access the OAuth token by just clicking a checkbox. In the Release Environment, click the elipsis asnd select Deployment Conditions (or Configure Variables etc.). It opens a new screen where you also can […]

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Call VS Team Services (VSTS) REST API from your Build Pipeline

Today I had the necessity to call the Visual Team Services (VSTS) REST API to get the code changes associated to the build I was currently running. I want these changes to get all the files and to do some actions with the files that were changed. First I tried to call the REST API from Postman. In […]

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Building a checkbox in your VSTS custom build task

Update 5/25/2016 Since May 6th 2016, this is default functionality in VSTS. Look for the Checkbox Control section in this post! Today I was building a custom build task for the new build system in VSTS. I read the documentation and started to work on the task.json. Besides some strings I wanted to have as […]

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Partially succeeded builds do not show in the build widget

Today I received an email about some strange behavior on the TFS 2015.1 dashboard. The partially succeeded build bars did not show in the widget. A colleague (Thanks Edwin v/d Thiel !) figured out what was wrong. The stylesheet class that was referenced had a casing error. When looking in the code you see that the style […]

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Using Personal Access Tokens to access Visual Studio Online

People who use Visual Studio Online for a while are probably familiar with the alternate credentials. These are used when accessing the REST API or when using an external client for accessing your Git repositories. You configure your alternate credentials on your [My Profile] page and fill a username and password of your choice. Once […]

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Slidedecks from my talks in TechDays Sweden

Long time no post, but I have been really busy with travelling and moving to a new house. My travels were first to the MVP Summit in Seattle where I looked into the future of Visual Studio ALM, Team Foundation Server and VSO. Then to the ALM Summit in Barcelona and then to Stockholm to […]

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