My slides from Techorama 2016

Last week I spoke at Techorama Belgium. The title of my session was: Continuous Delivery 3.0 on the Microsoft stack. You can download the slides here

This title is interesting in itself because everybody has its own ideas on what Continuous Delivery 3.0 actually means.

The bottom line of my session was that implementing Continuous Delivery should be more then optimizing the things that you already do, but rethink your process and tools to do it right!

I am planning a blog post around this topic so I will not give too much.

Anyways.. I had a great time. The organization was flawless and I met great people. My Xpirit colleague Marcel de Vries also did a presentation and we both had an interview on Dotnet Rocks!

Download the slides here

Flickr Photostream of Techorama



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