The first Global DevOps Bootcamp !

gdevopslogoMaybe some of you are familiar with Global Azure Bootcamp. This yearly global event is hosted by many communities throughout the world and is a great success. As a fanatic DevOps adept, I wanted to do something similar but around DevOps. And…I am proud to present that on June 17th, the first Global DevOps Bootcamp will be held at various locations around the globe !

So what is it?

Basically all information can be found on the dedicated website but in short it is this.

On June 17th we (Marcel de Vries, Mathias Olausson, Jasper Gilhuis) are organizing the first Global DevOps Bootcamp! With local events happening all over the world we create a global event where communities passionate about DevOps on the Microsoft stack can come together, learn about the latest trends and share their experiences.

We want to create a 1-day event together with other communities all around the world.

The goals of the Global DevOps Bootcamp are:

  • Create more awareness around DevOps in general
  • Insights into where we are heading when it comes to DevOps and new technologies
  • Get people’s hands dirty and let them play with all the good Microsoft stuff

The agenda is simple. We start with a kick-off (on video) of no one less than Donovan Brown. Then, your local partner will deliver a full fledged keynote around DevOps and where we are heading. The rest of the day we will get our hands dirty and do a hackathon to move an existing application towards a serverless/containerized solution with all DevOps practices in place !

We are kindly sponsored by Xpirit, Solidify and Microsoft and there are a number of local partners already organizing the bootcamp on location.

Call to Action

If you want to join (and you do want to J) follow these easy steps.

If you want to be an organizer or a sponsor, reach out to me and we get you hooked up. My twitter handle is @renevo and my email address can be found on the Xpirit website.

Hope to see you there!



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