Slides & Demos from Techorama 2017

Today I spoke on Techorama on Containerized Delivery with VSTS and Docker.


With Continuous Delivery 3.0, I introduced the concept of rethinking what you do instead of optimizing what you have. Containers are a very important concept in this new way of thinking. Instead of delivering your application on a server, you can also store your application and everything that is needed to run it, inside a container. But what do you need for his and how does that work?

This session will dive into the concept of Containers and will use Docker to set up and deliver images within a full automated pipeline. Of course we will instrument the pipeline with all the necessary feedback loops and quality gates to deliver to a real Container Cluster in the cloud.

Slides and Demos

I’ve put all my material to Github. I even put my demo script (what I talk about and command I execute) to GitHub as well to give you full insights. Let me know what you think or..If you saw the session live, what you thought about it !

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