In a perfect world Devs do not need Ops

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Together with my colleague Geert van der Cruijsen I wrote this article on DevOps and how Ops should be changed.

This is an introduction to the Open Source library we are creating on Azure Security as Code. Purpose of this library is to maintain all Azure settings in code instead of using the portal. Look at github for more details.


Imagine this, You are working as IT operations in a large organization. You are the one who holds the keys to all kinds of resources that other people would like to use. So these people come to you with questions and requests which you handle with care to give them the best results possible. After a while the services you provide become more and more popular. The result, a queue forms at your desk every day, your mailbox explodes and people are getting mad they have to wait for a long time until you are able to help them.

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