Growing your DevOps Mindset @ Techorama Belgium

Tuesday 22 May,  I did a talk on Techorama Belgium on Growing your DevOps Mindset.

The session:

Practicing DevOps successfully requires knowledge of hard skill areas such as continuous delivery and automated testing. But even if you have all these tools in place, you are not necessarily successful. And why is that? In most cases, the people are not in the right “state” or mindset, to actually use these new practices and tools. Fear of failure, of speaking up, motivation and drive are all factors that play an important role.

Creating a culture where people show courage, work on team building, practice DevOps leadership and have a continuous improvement mindset is hard but extremely important.

This presentation talks about a DevOps MindSet. How to recognize fears and counter-productive behavior and give you some tips and insights on how to start growing a DevOps Mindset for yourself and your colleagues.

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