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Road To ALM – Episode 3 Local Credential Scanning

In this episode I’ll show how you can use the CredScan build task to scan multiple repositories at the same time. By running locally on your PC or by using the same mechanism to create a schedule Continuous Assurance Job.

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Road To ALM – Episode 2 Credential Scanning in the pipeline

In this episode I talk about Credential Scanning in the pipeline. By using the buildtasks that are available on the website you can use the new Microsoft Credential Scanner to find secrets, password, certificates, SAS tokens and PAT’s before they end up in your master branch. I will show how to get the task […]

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Road To ALM YouTube Channel

It’s 2019 and I wanted to start something new. So I started a Road To ALM YouTube channel as an addition to this blog. In this channel I will create short, compact videos that cover a subject that interests me. Probably something in the DevOps space. But hey, why write if you can run the […]

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