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Different variables for different branches in your Azure DevOps Pipeline

Yesterday I needed to create a pipeline to publish a zip file to a storage account on Azure. The zip file is used to publish some content to a website. I use the Azure DevOps wiki to write the content. A development branch, that contains the working version, and the master branch that contains the […]

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Pushing to an Azure Container Registry from Azure DevOps

Azure DevOps is full of great wizards and helpers to make life of the developers easy. One of them is setting up a service connection to an Azure Container Registry. When you go to the Service Connections of your Azure DevOps project and create a new Docker Registry Connection, it gives you a nice dialog […]

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Distribute your blessed ARM templates with Universal Packages in Azure DevOps

There is a fine-grained balance between full autonomy of a team and arranging things on a more central level.  One of the things I talk about, when I talk about shifting to Rugged DevOps, is the use of blessed libraries, scripts and templates. As an example, if all your teams write their own logging library, you […]

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