Removing speaker notes from PowerPoint

It is not really ALM related but man…I am so glad I know this feature that I really want to share it here.

When I speak at seminars or conferences, people always ask you for the slides. I always have a lot of notes in my slides that I don’t want to be shared.

Usually I walked through all my slides and removed all the notes manually but that was BEFORE I knew this feature. I do not know if there is something like it in older versions but in PowerPoint 2010 you can easily remove all personal things from your presentation with a few clicks (also in Excel, Word etc.)

Open a PowerPoint Presentation and go To File | Info and press Check for Issues


Click Inspect Document


Check all the boxes and especially Presentation Notes.


Press Inspect. The next dialog shows you all the information. Press Remove All next to the subject to remove the data.


Voila! All your personal info is vanished !


3 Responses to “Removing speaker notes from PowerPoint”

  1. Great info! There is a way to do this in 2007. Click on Help and then search for remove notes from presentation. The directions are a bit more detailed, but it achieves the same thing.

  2. Very helpful! The first few times I needed to scrub the notes, I hand-deleted them one slide at a time. When you have 60 slides, that’s not very efficient. Took me less than a minute after I read your article. Thank you!

  3. Awesome! Thanks!

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