How to deal with generic libraries in TFS

Last year I wrote an article about how to deal with generic libraries in TFS for a Dutch Magazine called Dot Net Magazine. This article was published in both the online as printed magazine.

The online magazine has moved to another site and this article is now published on the be-init site.

It can be found here

The article is in Dutch. Sorry to all my english readers. This is a direct link to a (google) translated version of the article.

Google Translated version of the article

The english is not perfect, but I think it is readable.

Good luck !

03-09-2014: Update!!

The Be-Init site has been shut down. This results in a broken link. You can find the original article (in dutch) in PDF here:

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  1. The image links to this article seem to be broken. It would be useful to see the images.

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