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Application Lifecycle Management: an introduction for SharePoint people – part 1

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Note: this article was originally published in the DIWUG eMagazine, issue #9 Introduction Application lifecycle management describes the way an application is managed from its conception, through deployment and operation, to its inevitable retirement. Whether you are a single developer or a member of a larger team, managing an applications…

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A starters guide to Git for TFS GitWits…

When I started my development career way back in 1999, the first Source Control System I ever used was Visual SourceSafe. After a few years I switched to SVN for a while and I liked that. The, in 2005 came Team Foundation Server and I embraced it, including the Source Control of course. And since […]

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TFS as perfect tool for Scrum (Part 4) – Sprint

This is the fourth part of the series TFS as perfect tool for Scrum. The series is based on my session that I presented at Microsoft TechDays. You can find more introduction in part 1 The agenda for this series is: 1. Introduction in Scrum and TFS 2. Using TFS for grooming your Product Backlog […]

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