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Installing a VSTS Build agent on Mac OSX

Today I needed to install the VSTS Build Agent on a Mac Mini in the office so we can build the IPhone App. The great part of the new build infrastructure in VSTS is that it is Cross Platform and we CAN do that. Just download the agent and run the command provided in the interface. […]

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Migrate a complete Git Repository from TFS to VSTS

I am migrating some Git repositories from a TFS server to VSTS. Moving a Git repo including all the history is very simple fo course. Since Git is a Distributed Source Control repository. But I always forget the syntax of moving the “complete” Git repository at once. With all the branches, tags etc. So here […]

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Run Functional (Coded) UI Tests in your VSTS Release Pipeline

Today I was trying to run some CodedUI test from my VSTS Release pipeline. The process is quite straightforward but there were some tiny catches I’d like to share with you Let me first show the pipeline I have created

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Programmatically promote your package quality with Release Views in VSTS

A short while ago, Package Management  in VSTS became publicly available. Agreed, the features in the initial version are not overwhelming, but the potential is very high. If you are not familiar yet, with Package Management in VSTS , I highly recommend you take a look at the documentation on the Visual Studio site, to […]

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Order your VSTS Product Backlog based on the order within your Feature Backlog

I know, the title is crap but I just don’t know how to call it properly. Let me just give me the real life example. I have this pretty straightforward Product Backlog But I also have this feature hierarchy. Within the features I prioritize my Backlog items. The features also are ranked from most important to less […]

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Change VSTS release variables at queue time

When creating and queueing new build, a feature that I often use is the “allow change at queue time” checkbox next to the build variables Allowing me to change it at Queue time Sometimes you also want this for releases, but there is no such an option. However, you can do it, and it is described […]

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Shrink the physical size of an Azure Virtual machine VHD

At a customer I am helping to set up a pipeline to spin up a complete new environment every night. The environment consists of multiple machines. 2 of the machines are preconfigured and cannot be automated (not now at least) with ARM and DSC to create everything from code (which is of course the best […]

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Copy files (and run tests) on a remote machine back to the VSTS build and release agent

This week I was working on a script, running in my VSTS release pipeline that executed Pester tests on a remote machine. Running Pester tests on the VSTS Build and Release Agent work fine with one the awesome tasks on the Visual Studio Marketplace, but this was about running the tests remotely AND getting the […]

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Set output variable in a Powershell VSTS Build Task

Currently I am building a pipeline that performs some actions on Azure. For example creating a Azure Storage Account. When doing this, I want to return some values from my Powershell script back into a variable of my Build Pipeline, so I can use this in another task. After some searching I finally found out how […]

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Controlling build quality using Build Tags and VSTS Release Management

On many occasions a release is a composition of many different artifacts, like product MSI’s, Shared Assemblies, Documentation etc.. I like to compare it with a big box that you use when moving. You fill it up with all sort of little boxes and other stuff and you label it. The big box is the […]

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