Application Lifecycle Management: an introduction for SharePoint people – part 1

My colleague Yuri Burger started this great series on ALM from a SharePoint perspective. This is definitely worth the read if you are busy with SharePoint and ALM.

Note: this article was originally published in the DIWUG eMagazine, issue #9


Application lifecycle management describes the way an application is managed from its conception, through deployment and operation, to its inevitable retirement. Whether you are a single developer or a member of a larger team, managing an applications lifecycle can be challenging. To help architects, developers and engineers with these tasks, Microsoft created a set of tools and it is part of the Visual Studio product lineup. But first, let’s start with Microsoft’s definition of Application Lifecycle Management (straight from the Visual Studio ALM Product Info):

“Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) is a continuous process of managing the life of an application through governance, development and maintenance. ALM is the marriage of business management to software engineering made possible by tools that facilitate and integrate requirements management, architecture, coding, testing, tracking, and release management.”

In this and follow up…

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