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Use Visual Studio as your Diff and Merging Tool for local files

Probably you are familiar with the Diff tool that Visual Studio provides when doing Source Control. When comparing two files from Source Control Explorer or the Solution Explorer you get this nice tool that shows a nice visual compare of two files. You can choose 2 local files, a source control file and a local […]

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TFS as perfect tool for Scrum (Part 5) – Sprint Review and Retrospective

This is the fifth and final part of the series TFS as perfect tool for Scrum. The series is based on my session that I presented at Microsoft TechDays. You can find more introduction in part 1 The agenda for this series is: 1. Introduction in Scrum and TFS 2. Using TFS for grooming your […]

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Release Management with InRelease

Originally posted on Jasper Gilhuis:
In this post I will highlight the latest addition to the Visual Studio product suite, InRelease. This Release Management tool, which was recently acquired by Microsoft, is meant for bridging the gap between Development and Operations by providing a clear, repeatable, automated deployment procedure. This post has been written with…

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Use Advanced search when TFS does not find text in work items

Alert: Editing the TFS Collection database is tricky and should be done with extreme care!! Recently I migrated a whole bunch of work items from a StarTeam repository. To keep some of the initial history, I added a some summary in the description field of the work item. This looked something like this: Originally Created […]

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Delta-N wins Western European ALM Partner Award

This week I attended the Western European ALM Partner Summit in my role as Business Unit Manager of the ALM unit within Delta-N. The summit was 2 days and was held in Haarlem. The summit is meant for partners who are active in the ALM space and provide them with information about the business and […]

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