Download Visual Studio Web Installers as a complete package

When you download Visual Studio, Team Foundation Server, Team Explorer etc. from the public Microsoft site you always get a small Web installer. Surely enough this does not contain al files, so when you click it, it starts downloading the remaining Gigabytes.

This is nasty sometimes when you are at a server with slow connection or if you need to update multiple PC’s. To overcome this, the Visual Studio Team included a nice little trick that allows you to download all files up front.

When you call the installer with the /layout option, you get the option to select a download location.

To illustrate this a short example

  1. Download Visual Studio 2013.2 ( Notice the file size of 1.7 MBimage
  2. Open a command prompt
  3. Run VS2013.2.exe /layout 


  4. Download to a location


Your download starts right away!

Hope this helps!

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