Tweaking the TFS Web Access Client

In TFS 2013.4 some enhancements will improve the work item screen experience. Until this time, the space in the work item form is limited.

Jasper wrote a great post about tweaking this experience to get a full screen work item form.

Note: This is unsupported and might harm you TFS installation..But .. It works neat!

Jasper Gilhuis

Recently Microsoft released a great usability tweak to the Web Access Client on Visual Studio Online. It allows users to use the rich text editor in full screen mode. This allows users to utilize the most out of their big screens and allows users to have a better editing and reading experience for large text fields, especially when combining images and text. More of these new features can be read here: Work item Improvements

While these features are to be expected to be in the next on premise TFS release, you may like to have similar functionality in your on-premise TFS right now!

Let me start with a disclaimer: The customization’s in this post are not supported by Microsoft. These changes can break any updates and will be undone by any update installations to your TFS environment. 

For all of you accepting this disclaimer the following adjustments will allow you to use the most of your available screen size.

When you currently…

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2 Responses to “Tweaking the TFS Web Access Client”

  1. TFS 2013.4? What happened to TFS 2013.3, TFS 2013.2, and TFS 2013.1?

  2. Oops nevermind.

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