.NET Rocks Interview on Continuous Delivery Rocks

IMG_4815Last month on Techorama I had the great pleasure to be interviewed for the great radio show .NET Rocks. Together with Marcel de Vries we talked about Continuous Delivery 3.0 and everything related.

Continuous Delivery 3.0 is all about rethinking the things you do instead of optimizing them and we have some great discussions around it.

The interview as it described on the website of .NET Rocks:

How do you do continuous deployment? While at Techorama in Belgium, Carl and Richard sat down with Marcel de Vries and Rene van Osnabrugge to talk about their efforts working with various customers trying to help them get further down the DevOps line of productivity. The conversation digs into the various elements that go into getting to continuous delivery, including a lot of conversation about automating testing – if you’re going to build fast, you need to test fast too! Marcel also talks about feature toggling, giving operations the ability to turn features off and on to understand how they behave and improve software quality in the process. Lots to deploy!

Listen here


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