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Running a Linux SQL Server in a Docker Container

I just reinstalled my PC and needed a database for some simple work. I did not like the idea of installing a full SQL Server on my PC. Too heavy and takes too long. The I remembered that Microsoft recently announced that they can run SQL Server on Linux and they even have a Docker […]

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.Net Rocks

.NET Rocks Interview on Continuous Delivery Rocks

Last month on Techorama I had the great pleasure to be interviewed for the great radio show .NET Rocks. Together with Marcel de Vries we talked about Continuous Delivery 3.0 and everything related. Continuous Delivery 3.0 is all about rethinking the things you do instead of optimizing them and we have some great discussions around it. The […]

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Top 10 of things every TFS Administrator should do

I spent a fair amount of time on different social media channels like Twitter (@renevo)and LinkedIn and I noticed an interesting thing. Every time someone posts a Top 10 of things or tips it receives a lot of positive comments. It is a fact. People like lists and I tend to think that technical people […]

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Changing the product backlog in TFS 2012

Recently I was at a customer who used the MSF for Agile Software Development template in Team Foundation Server 2012. As he was doing Scrum with this template he had the need to show Bugs in the Product Backlog view as well. Just like User Stories he wanted to plan bugs in a specific sprint. […]

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Hidden Gems in TFS 2012–Part 8 Related Work Items in a Build Report

In this series of blog posts I like to highlight some features of TFS/Visual Studio that people seem to overlook. In my day to day job I often see that people don’t know about certain feature that are available in Team Foundation Server, Visual Studio or some of the Powertools. Some features are available as […]

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Want to implement an ALM process? Focus on the output!

Want to implement an ALM process? Focus on the output! In my previous article “Implement TFS or ALM? Same or different?” , I talked about the differences between an ALM implementation and a TFS Implementation. Today I like to talk about the change process that is involved when an ALM process is being implemented. I […]

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Implement TFS or ALM? Same or different?

Introduction The answer to the question in the title probably varies from person to person. Some people will say that an implementation of Team Foundation Server (TFS) automatically implies an implementation of Application Lifecycle Management (ALM). Other people will say that this is not the case and you don’t get ALM by implementing TFS. I […]

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Where to store my documents in TFS

As a Team Foundation Server user you have several possibilities to store your documents. Multiple options are always nice but it is also confusing if you do not exactly know what to do. As a result of this, I often hear the same question. Where to store my documents ? Let me start with listing […]

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Managing your sprint backlog easier with Excel

In my previous post I talked about the Excel workbooks in combination with the MS Scrum template. Excel is a great help in quickly organizing and editing your work items. It is however kind of hard to see a good status overview of your work in the current sprint. Main problem is, that Parent Items […]

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