Embrace chaos to achieve stability

Date: 29 april 2022/25 may 2022
Location: Porto, Portugal/Antwerp, Belgium
Event: NDC Porto/Techorama Belgium
Duration: 60 minutes

What do you do in case of a cyber attack? And a natural disaster? The absence of a person? Or, more concrete. What happens if the network is down, your data center is not available, your VM’s cannot spin up, you get the DDOSed or your website becomes a success overnight?

Usually we cater for a number of scenarios, but do we actually test them and can we actually find out what happens when doomsday shows up?

Chaos engineering is a practice that can help you to prepare for these scenario and be ready when you need to be. In this session I will talk you through the principles of chaos engineering and explain why this could benefits you and your company.

With some demos I can also show you some tools that can help you to overcome this crisis.


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