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Create a Trend chart in Visual Studio Online

As you might have noticed from some of my previous posts on this blog, I really like reports. I wrote about how to customize them (here, here and here), how you should use them in your ALM implementation and how to use PowerPivot to your advantage. When you read these posts, you probably will not […]

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TFS Reports–Unleash them with PowerPivot

A long time ago I wrote a blog series about writing Custom Reports for Team Foundation Server. As you may or may not know, Team Foundation Server comes with a powerful reporting solution. A relational TFS Warehouse and a Data Cube which contains the aggregated and historical data. In my previous posts I talked about […]

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Want to implement an ALM process? Focus on the output!

Want to implement an ALM process? Focus on the output! In my previous article “Implement TFS or ALM? Same or different?” , I talked about the differences between an ALM implementation and a TFS Implementation. Today I like to talk about the change process that is involved when an ALM process is being implemented. I […]

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