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Combining TFS Version Control and Git with Git-TF

  For a customer I am (together with my colleague Jasper Gilhuis) setting up a hybrid solution regarding Version Control. Some Scrum teams use Git as their primary Source Control system and most of them use TFS Version Control. What we see at different organizations is that it requires the teams to check-in all code […]

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Hidden Gems in TFS 2012–Part 9 Image compare in TFS Version Control

In this series of blog posts I like to highlight some features of TFS/Visual Studio that people seem to overlook. In my day to day job I often see that people don’t know about certain feature that are available in Team Foundation Server, Visual Studio or some of the Powertools. Some features are available as […]

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How to deal with generic libraries in TFS

Last year I wrote an article about how to deal with generic libraries in TFS for a Dutch Magazine called Dot Net Magazine. This article was published in both the online as printed magazine. The online magazine has moved to another site and this article is now published on the be-init site. It can be […]

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