Archive | June, 2016

How Docker will change Microsoft Development

Two months ago we (Xpirit) published a new edition of our Xpirit Magazine. In this magazine I wrote an article on how Docker will change Microsoft Development. In this blog post you will find the introduction. If you want to read the whole article, you can download the PDF of the article here . If you […]

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Call VSTS REST API from Release Management

Update 22/6/2016 That’s how fast things go. Since this blogpost there has been a new update on VSTS that allows you to access the OAuth token by just clicking a checkbox. In the Release Environment, click the elipsis asnd select Deployment Conditions (or Configure Variables etc.). It opens a new screen where you also can […]

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.NET Rocks Interview on Continuous Delivery Rocks

Last month on Techorama I had the great pleasure to be interviewed for the great radio show .NET Rocks. Together with Marcel de Vries we talked about Continuous Delivery 3.0 and everything related. Continuous Delivery 3.0 is all about rethinking the things you do instead of optimizing them and we have some great discussions around it. The […]

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