Archive | January, 2023

Remove the [External] Tag in Outlook

I am an outlook user. A heavy outlook user. ANd there is something that is bothering me. The [External Tag in front of every message I get from an external email address (which is almost all my email) Don’t get me wrong. I understand it. There is so much phishing and spoofing going on that […]

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Aligned Autonomy in Practice

In my previous blog post I talked about Engineering Culture and how important it is to embrace the fact that you need to behave like a software company. In this blog post I want to dive a little bit deeper in to an aspect of the pillar “Empowering Operating Model”. When it comes to the […]

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Building an Engineering Culture

In 2011, Marc Andreesen made an often quoted statement “Software Is Eating the World”. Now, about 11 years later I think we can all agree on the fact that this is true and every company has become a software company. Ok ok ok, I agree, there are some exceptions. The bakery, the butcher or the […]

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