Date: 06-04-2023, 16-05-2023
Location: Groningen, Antwerpen
Event: DevCampNoord, Techorama BE
Duration: 60 minutes

While hard skills like continuous delivery and automated testing are important for practicing DevOps successfully, they are not the only factors that determine success. In many cases, people’s mindset and willingness to embrace new practices and tools can also play a critical role. Fear of failure, fear of speaking up, motivation, and drive are all factors that can impact a team’s ability to practice DevOps effectively.

In this session, we’ll explore the concept of a DevOps mindset and how to cultivate it within yourself and your team. We’ll discuss how to recognize fears and counter-productive behavior, and provide tips and insights on how to foster a culture of courage, teamwork, DevOps leadership, and continuous improvement. Join me and learn how to cultivate a DevOps mindset that drives success!

Slides Techorama

Slides DevCampNoord

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