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TFS as perfect tool for Scrum (Part 2) – Product Backlog Grooming

This is the second part of the series TFS as perfect tool for Scrum. The series is based on my session that I presented at Microsoft TechDays. You can find more introduction in part 1 The agenda for this series is: 1. Introduction in Scrum and TFS 2. Using TFS for grooming your Product Backlog […]

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Keep track of your Team Projects Process Template Version

The company I work for (Delta-N), is a service company. We built software for various customers and we do so by means of projects. It should not surprise you that we maintain all our development projects in Team Foundation Server and, since we use TFS since the first version (TFS 2005), we do have a […]

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Another year as Visual Studio ALM MVP

Yesterday I received it. The “Congratulations 2013 Microsoft MVP!” email. And I must say…I felt relieved. Last year I received the MVP award for the first time so it was my first full year as MVP. In the beginning it felt strange…What Now? What do they expect of me? But later I realized that I […]

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