Archive | December, 2014

Insert an inline image into a Work Item with the TFS API

On the verge of 2014 I wanted to share a last post with you. At the moment I am working on a migration tool to migrate from another system to TFS 2013. The source system contains a lot of items with a description that contains images. Not as an attachment but as an inline image into […]

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Happy New Year to all my readers !

Happy new year ! Every year I receive a nice overview of all my activity on my blog. This year I wanted it to share with you! Thanks for reading! I hope to bring you more goodness about ALM, Scrum and TFS in 2015 ! Let me know what your favorite subject is! Here’s an […]

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Mirror, mirror on the wall – A personal retrospective exercise

During the last year I did quite some Scrum coaching for different teams in different organizations. What I found is that a lot of Scrum teams follow the ceremonies and the rules of Scrum. That is a good thing. What I also found out is that many Scrum teams do not get the most out […]

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