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Change VSTS release variables at queue time

When creating and queueing new build, a feature that I often use is the “allow change at queue time” checkbox next to the build variables Allowing me to change it at Queue time Sometimes you also want this for releases, but there is no such an option. However, you can do it, and it is described […]

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My Techdays sessions are online!

On October 4 and 5 the Techdays Netherlands were held in the RAI Amsterdam. I had the honor to be invited to speak (the 6th year in row). All sessions were recorded and published to Channel 9 Continuous Delivery 3.0 – The Next Step Link to Channel 9 Session Digital disruption is happening all around us. […]

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Shrink the physical size of an Azure Virtual machine VHD

At a customer I am helping to set up a pipeline to spin up a complete new environment every night. The environment consists of multiple machines. 2 of the machines are preconfigured and cannot be automated (not now at least) with ARM and DSC to create everything from code (which is of course the best […]

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Running your ASP.NET Core application on Azure Container Service

While preparing for my Techdays session about “How ASP.NET Core and Docker will change the life of a Microsoft Developer” I was experimenting a bit with Azure Container Service and running my ASP.NET Core application on the ACS Cluster. Together with my colleague Alex Thissen and with some help of my Xebia Colleague Mark van […]

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