Archive | March, 2011

Connect older Visual Studio to TFS 2010 (VS 2005 & VS 2008)

It is certainly possible to connect older Visual Studio clients to TFS 2010. Most of the functionality just works. In order to make it work you need a compatibility update. The updates can be found here: VS2008 VS2005 Beware !: SP1 (both VS2008 and VS2005) is needed for this update. Make sure SP1 […]

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The Team Tab has disappeared from the Ribbon in Excel (or error TF80012)

Sometimes it happens that because of a crash or unknown issue the Team Tab in Excel disappears. Usually you will notice this, because you get an error when you try to open a excel sheet with TFS data. The reason is that this Add-In is disabled. To make it appear again do the following Start […]

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