Archive | May, 2016

Call VS Team Services (VSTS) REST API from your Build Pipeline

Today I had the necessity to call the Visual Team Services (VSTS) REST API to get the code changes associated to the build I was currently running. I want these changes to get all the files and to do some actions with the files that were changed. First I tried to call the REST API from Postman. In […]

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Configure your load test against different URL’s within your Release Pipeline

Yesterday I was preparing some demo’s for my NDC talk in June.  have a simple website that  deploy to Azure by using the Build and Release Pipeline functionality. I thought it would be great to run a Cloud Based Load Test as part of this pipeline and that is what I tried to do. I […]

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My slides from Techorama 2016

Last week I spoke at Techorama Belgium. The title of my session was: Continuous Delivery 3.0 on the Microsoft stack. You can download the slides here This title is interesting in itself because everybody has its own ideas on what Continuous Delivery 3.0 actually means. The bottom line of my session was that implementing Continuous […]

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