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Inherited Deny due to Access Levels

Yesterday I was building some logic against the TFS API and used impersonation to do that. One of the things that is needed in order to allow a call to TFS to be impersonated is to give a user the “Make Requests on behalf of others” permission. This server level permission is not default and […]

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Upload process template to TFS 2015 gives a version error

Today I was doing some process template customization on a TFS 2015 server. The process template that was in use was one that was created for TFS 2013.4 and worked fine. We did the upgrade and everything was fine as well. But as good practice describes, we also have a version of this Process Template […]

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Release Management hangs and there is no log in place…

This week I encountered a very strange error with release management 2015.1 (so the old, grey, WPF version) We upgraded our TFS server to 2015.1 and everything was fine. We started a release and everything was fine. But the second time we started a release it only went through the first stage of our release […]

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Set up a Test TFS environment with production databases

I get this question quite a lot. We have a production environment and we want a Test environment for TFS. A Test TFS is quite useful for testing upgrades, setting up builds or testing out some build tasks or just as a sandbox for users who you do not trust with production data 🙂 Although […]

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Use Visual Studio Team Services Build to manage your Azure Resource Groups

If you, just like me, have a MSDN subscription you are also provided with some serious Azure Credits. Because I am a Microsoft MVP I received the MSDN Enterprise subscription, allowing me to run 130 euro worth of Azure services. Because I do a lot of demos and experiments I always have a couple of […]

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Slidedecks from my talks in TechDays Sweden

Long time no post, but I have been really busy with travelling and moving to a new house. My travels were first to the MVP Summit in Seattle where I looked into the future of Visual Studio ALM, Team Foundation Server and VSO. Then to the ALM Summit in Barcelona and then to Stockholm to […]

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Download Visual Studio Web Installers as a complete package

When you download Visual Studio, Team Foundation Server, Team Explorer etc. from the public Microsoft site you always get a small Web installer. Surely enough this does not contain al files, so when you click it, it starts downloading the remaining Gigabytes. This is nasty sometimes when you are at a server with slow connection […]

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TFS Reports–Unleash them with PowerPivot

A long time ago I wrote a blog series about writing Custom Reports for Team Foundation Server. As you may or may not know, Team Foundation Server comes with a powerful reporting solution. A relational TFS Warehouse and a Data Cube which contains the aggregated and historical data. In my previous posts I talked about […]

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Printing work items with Team Foundation Server

With the introduction of TFS 2012 Web Access we lost the possibility to print work items from the web. The experience wasn’t great in the first place but now it disappeared. Also in Visual Studio we do not have great printing possibilities. For some teams this is a big issue. They like TFS but also […]

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FI_Afrika Road

The Road to Continuous Delivery–Part 1

Introduction Continuous Delivery. You hear and read a lot about it lately and it seems to be or become a trend. What I see in the field is that companies think about Continuous Delivery but are not completely sure what it actually means. Let alone that they can oversee the impact of a Continuous Delivery […]

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